Amy Geach

Occupational Therapist. CEO

B.App.Sc(OT), M.Clin.Sc(Hand & Upper Limb), 

Life Member Australian Hand Therapy Association,

MBA(Entrepreneur Mgmt)

Amy is dedicated to excellent client results based on your individual needs. If you’re looking for excellence and kindness, then let Amy manage your wellness and healthcare. Amy is available for hand, wrist and arm injuries, lymphoedema treatments, and scar management.

Amy is the boss lady here! She started Health Nest in 2017. She has been working as a hand and wrist therapist since 2000 in Sydney and Wagga NSW and has moved home to Tasmania to be around her family and provide a hand therapy service for the community.

Client Coordinator

You will likely see Lace's friendly face upon arrival for your appointment and the voice you will often hear down the line if you are calling our rooms.  

Lace is here to make your day easier, and she certainly lives into this role 100%. She is the person who can make your booking come together, and ensures that whilst you are with us, you have what you need without any stress. Lace is AMAZING and we don't know what we would do without her. 

If you need to contact Lace, feel free to either drop her a call or send an email.

Ph: 03 6338 1880

Email: [email protected]


Lace Digney

Business Manager

You might not see Kirby as much, but rest assured she is here and is a vital part of our team. Kirby works hard to make sure all the background parts of Health Nest works smoothly for everyone. 

Kirby has been way better than sliced bread for us here. She brings a high level of efficiency and is professional and dedicated to our team, our clients and our practice.  She understands what you need and puts things into action so we can ensure you receive therapy you can rely on. 

If you need to contact Kirby, feel free to either drop her a call or send an email.

Ph: 03 6338 1880

Email: [email protected]

P: 03 6338 1880

85 Elphin Road, Newstead Tasmania 7250