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If you are unable to make it into one of our clinics, we are able to effectively guide you through rehabilitation plans to ensure you can stay on track with your recovery. We run our online consultations through video, so we can see you and you can see us. We offer this so you can continue to reach your therapy goals, from the comfort of home. 


What should I expect?

At Health Nest we are dedicated to providing therapy you can rely on,

and our online consultations are no exception.

When you book an online video session, you can rest assured that you will have a dedicated time to talk with your therapist and progress your recovery. Once your time is confirmed, we will send you a link, inviting you to the video call. Once you follow this link, you are online for your consultation and the video will begin. During your video appointment, if you are new to our service, your therapist will take a detailed account of your problem and ask you to perform some tests to assess you in order to make a clinical diagnosis.  If you  are known to us, your therapist will review your progress and discuss in detail the next steps to take in your rehabilitation program. Our therapists will teach you what you can do at home. 

For more information about video consultations, including how we protect your privacy online,

please download our factsheet here: 

What do I need?

To be in an online video consultation, you will be able to use your computer, a laptop, a tablet device such as an ipad, or your mobile phone. We currently use a program called ZOOM to conduct our online video consults.  You will need internet or phone reception during the online session. 

What does it cost?

We offer initial assessments online as well as follow up consultations online. Initial assessments have a 1 hour time allocated and cost $155. Follow up consultations have 45 minutes allocated and cost $95.

Following your consultation, we will email an invoice to you. Our team will then phone you to arrange payment. 

Inbetween video consults?

After your online video consultation, you are free to contact your therapist if you have additional questions. You can do this by calling us on 6338 1880 or emailing us at

There are no additional charges if you need to clarify something or let us know an update in between your booked online consultations.

How to book in....

To book an online consultation with is, you can phone our rooms on 6338 1880 or email us at

Think online video consults are not for you?.... that's ok. You can come to a face to face appointment as well. 

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